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Michigan Snow RemovalLink Submit Guidelines

Michigan Snow removal aims to be a comprehensive directory of quality snow removal contractor related resources on the Internet. Our goal is to make the directory as useful as possible to those working in, or merely interested snow removal services.

The directory is maintained by editors who manually review each recommended or submitted site. Websites are accepted or rejected based on the evaluation and recommendation of our editorial team. We reserve the right to edit submissions in accordance with our guidelines. We are open to working with website owners to ensure the listings accurately and effectively reflect each website. Once your website is listed, please feel free to contact us to review matters related to your listing.

We ask that you review the following guidelines prior to submitting your website or article to avoid rejection.

Step One

Do a search to determine whether your website has already been added to the directory. If it has, but you feel that the information needs to be modified and/or belongs in a different or additional category, please feel free to contact us with your recommendations. If your website is not yet listed, proceed to Step Two.

Step Two

Determine whether the content of your website is suitable for inclusion in the directory. Again, this saves our time and yours. Following are examples of the kinds of websites we do not allow.

  • Websites that include content that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others
  • Websites that contain the same or similar content to websites that you have already submitted to the directory. This includes mirror pages, cloaked sites, redirections, etc.
  • Websites that include illegal content or that advocate illegal activity
  • Websites that are incomplete or under construction
  • Websites submitted via auto-submission software

Please note that these are only examples of types of websites that will not be accepted and does not represent a complete list. Acceptance or rejection of any website is at the sole discretion of the Editors based on whatever criteria they deem to be relevant. If your website is not accepted, but you feel it would be an asset to our users, please feel free to contact us and make a case for the inclusion of your website. DO NOT re-submit a rejected website repeatedly as this will not get the website accepted and may lead to it being banned from the directory and thus made no longer eligible for consideration.

Step Three

Determine the most appropriate category or categories for your website. We do accept website submissions to multiple categories, but each submission is reviewed on its own merits and will only be accepted into categories that legitimately suit the content of your website. Please do not submit your website to categories that are not suitable as this only wastes our time and yours. Our Editors reserve the right to select the most appropriate category for any individual website at their sole discretion.

If you can not find a category that suits your website, but you still feel your website is suitable for the directory and meets the goals and guidelines outlined here, please feel free to contact us and recommend a new category for us to add.

Step Four

Once you have selected the most suitable category for your website, navigate to that category, select 'Add Site' and input the relevant information. Please provide a concise and well-written description of your website that accurately reflects its content. Descriptions should be objective and factual rather than promotional. Our Editors reserve the right to edit descriptions at their sole discretion. Repeat the process if you will be submitting the site to multiple categories.

In addition to Free Listings, Featured Listings and Regular Listings are available for a nominal fee.  Please note that Featured and Regular Listings are subject to the same quality guidelines as Free Listings.

Updating Your Listing

If for any reason you feel that the content of your listing should be modified or updated, please feel free to contact us with your recommendations.


Michigan Snow Removal welcomes comments and feedback from users and website owners. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, criticisms, and recommendations. We welcome any opportunity to improve the quality and usefulness of the directory.